Up and Down

Between God and me
Lies a thin line
Of doubt and love
Uncertainty divine

My chest beats raw
From all the knots
Inside my tangled heart
I don’t know how to move

This air that I breathe
Carries memories
I taste them

There will be Heaven
Even if I die
But today
I breathe.


Forgotten One

In your hour of waking
did you split the dawn untold?
With the shrieks of your dreams
that surrendered you whole.

Will you lie to your brother
when your mother is old?
Can’t you see you are tainted?
God’s scorn will surely show.

Inside your skull a seed blooms
of deepest, darkest blue.
The lull of the sea whispers in your ears,
the ending draws closer every year.

Fourteen Billion Hands

Solitude extends indefinite
over a wandering gaze.
Moments of uncertain tranquility,
caught in transfixed irises.
Carrying the surface tension
of a lingering kiss.

Orange beams
bleed slowly into frame,
warming the confines
of this cage.
A flutter.
The heart speaks.
Its words lost in
the midpoint of empty spaces.

Loneliness is a word
the World is built upon.
Fourteen billion hands
hold on to
This is not what was promised.


Garden of shame unknown to me

Where are your thorns hidden?

Biding your time telling lies

To those who will listen

Ears of rot that cannot understand

The words pour out from fetid mouth

I am left starving for half-truths

Yet not even a trace of a white lie

Hold on to your heart’s whispers

Filling the silence with presence

That not even death can claim

Until I rise again.