I’ll Walk with my Dead

I’ll walk with my dead
with bare feet
upon red earth
soaked in blood
from victims unnamed

I’ll walk with my dead
head unbowed
there is no shame
to die inglorious
amid fire and hate

I’ll walk with my dead
lips a ditch spread
with grief and truth
they still haunt me
with waking eyes

I’ll walk with my dead
carry their sins
spreading their ashes
with every tear
in unmarked graves

I’ll walk with my dead
fade into shadow
anonymous gone
maybe I will live again
if you walk with me.


Thread of Words

When the stars are quiet
I’ll carry you in these lines

Your name a secret well guarded
Behind a quick smile

Blink and you may miss it

Every word spoken
Gives purpose to my lungs

I’ll swim in the memory of your eyes
Deep as the ocean’s blue

When the night is gone
And my thoughts remain
I will still carry you.