Suicide Grace

Woke up to cymbals crashing divine,
I couldn’t take this harshness of mine.
What strange brew percolates our mourning,
we can’t even see ourselves hurting.
These eyes are numerous and staring into me,
can they even remember when they were free?
Give in, give in and know a requiem for your pain,
before you meet your Maker and confess yourself vain.

Dark Night On The Forest

The forest’s edge stands astride,
giving way to thoughts of obsidian tint.
Fingers of plutonian ore
swallow beast and tree
in despondent sigh.
No comfort comes from the starless sky;
the Moon is veiled in mourning.
Critters of leaf and grass lay unmoving,
fear held in dilated irises.
Those who own the night thread e’er softly,
seeking sacrifice to appease that old god, Hunger,
upon an altar of rotting leaves and cold soil.
But hark, dawn’s sword splits the blackness,
scattering the shadows away.
Respite comes with the morn’s first light,
under twinkling radiance shapes take form.
A new day strikes for the forest old.
Somewhere, not far, a bird sings indifferent.

Night Capsule

Lets go to the bar and take these capsules of night

Where we can drown placidly in its turbulent waters

Of our own design, our own desire

You are my oxygen to inhale

Fill my lungs with your ecstasy

This lust that touches every cavity

Lets watch the night ink away

Maybe hold hands when the Sun rises

Will you still be there when the morning comes?

Or where you just a dream held within the tides of night?

Of Other Nights

Neon impulse dreams

A night of endless lines

Where fades crosses

Into your streams

Of endless consciousness

Come and enter this placid

Waking of vibrant colors

That endlessly shift

Into kaleidoscopic sands

Of realities distant

This is the end station

A slow dance of euphoria

Meeting in everlasting nowhere

That greet you with criminal desires

Of tremulous awakenings

The vast oceans are divided

By words and deeds

I see your eyes split reason

And dreams come into me

Of penitent corners

There may be a place

Where time crawls away

In the moment that I care

All simply slips away

Of quiet moments.