A Girl by the Sea

A girl by the sea
Distant as the wind
Stands by the shore
Waiting for waves
That never come
Counting away
Grains of sand
Each a thought
Short lived and vain
Seagulls bat their wings
Flickering the light
Of a setting sun
That drowns
She simply smiles
Letting waves
That never come
Carry her thoughts
Far far away.


If It Fits

And I still don’t quite know

How all the pieces fit

Though in the end

My feet do trod the wet earth

Taking me elsewhere from where I began

A little bit closer to my sandy shore

Listening to the sea’s gentle lullaby

Caught between heaven and a wave.

Midnight Beat

I drum the beat of midnight
Caught in the twinkle of a star
A secret whispered in darkened veil
For those who live and love
Stay the simple truths for a piece of warmth

These growing pains nurtured sweetly
Tear my skin indifferent
You stole the air I so desire
With but a look of golden amber
Each breath I’m learning a new language, see?

But I won’t fall, I won’t drown
My thoughts scattered, this pain forgotten
The jutting sun crests my horizon
Will this light save the devil in me?
I wait and see
Wait and see
Wait and see

Club Out

Fade into the black canvas of the room,
losing control that you never owned.
Under the lustful watch of wandering gazes,
beyond flicks of tongue that desire your flavour.
Swallow my gasps and maybe you’ll breathe fresh air in this strobing nightmare of primary neons.
Otherwise step aside and choke out of my sight.

Pieces Missing

Remember when we used to laugh?
It was all frolick and play,
not a worry under the blue sky.
Now I find myself trapped in an iron maiden of my own neglect.
Counting the seconds, filling the hours, in the dark of night.
Fearful of waking up to find my heart shriveled and old,
though my skin’s still taut and smooth.
Every word I utter falls dead to an empty auditorium,
nobody there to even throw much-welcomed scorn.
I scream with lips gently sealed, waves of grief crash uselessly against them.
No one shall know how deep the void scratches the frayed and tattered remnants of my soul.

Memory Of A Tune

A valley of desire runs long and untended between trembling thighs.
Carry my wishes to them with the breath of a unrepentant kiss,
then, maybe, I shall swallow your little gasps; pizzicato notes on our merry old symphony.
Oh, how this smirk -is it yours or mine?- flickers our lovers’ delight.
I’ll be sure to whisper your name, so please, spare a thought for my lonesome;
one day I’ll be sure to remember it.

Suicide Grace

Woke up to cymbals crashing divine,
I couldn’t take this harshness of mine.
What strange brew percolates our mourning,
we can’t even see ourselves hurting.
These eyes are numerous and staring into me,
can they even remember when they were free?
Give in, give in and know a requiem for your pain,
before you meet your Maker and confess yourself vain.