Poem Updatetetetetete!

Whelp, I certainly have been keeping a bit busy workshopping my previous poems, getting them whipped into shaped thanks to my writers’ club feedback and critique. So below this are links to three more short poems that have received the ol’spit’n polish. As usual, all and any feedback, comments and such are more than welcome. Cheers! 


This Dance
Came A Deer (previously Spoke The Deer)
Ivory Memory (previously Ivory God)


A Sentece Speaks

You and I are memory
and silence,
nestled under
your tongue.

Speak life in me;
syllables are my heart,
words the air I breathe.
A sentence to complete
my soul.

Distance is your creed.
Your eyes hold
an ocean of
unspoken truths.
Drown me in it.

Don’t forget,
I once was you.