Eye to Eye

Irreplaceable fragments
Of eternity made flesh and want
Yielding to taut skin
Watch it stretch
Marked by longing
A man stops being a man
He becomes a god
A woman stops being a woman
She becomes a goddess
One moment for him to see
One moment for her to see
It lingers in the pale of their eyes
Sinking unto themselves
Their embrace denied
Its absence is cold
But hark, o ye gods
The brush of twilight beckons
Earth lies in the hush
It listens
And it finds a heartbeat
A warmth that calls forth
From their bosoms
These flames that scorch lies
Leaving truth behind
What is real
He holds her
She holds him
Intertwined they stay
Until the break of time
When all are made divine
As he beats his wings
As she beats her wings
Wind rushes in ecstasy
And nothing else remains.


Ours Is Absence

Lost in the fog of your daze,
you breathed color into my lungs.
You are my unknown, divine enigma;
a question rolling on the tip of my tongue.
Coquettish, playful, unanswered.
These doors were never opened to me.
I could not see your smile.
Disdain, I drink it, breathe it, make it mine.
Before January withered you were already gone,
without a chance, without forgiveness.
Memory slips past me, barely held by all these absences.
My lust ran after you, leaving my skin brittle from despondence.
Between atoms, I whispered my fears:
you, you, only you.