You walked down the stairs,
holding my head with a glare.
“Please leave”, you curtly spoke.
Two words, more than enough.


Poem Updatetetetetete!

Whelp, I certainly have been keeping a bit busy workshopping my previous poems, getting them whipped into shaped thanks to my writers’ club feedback and critique. So below this are links to three more short poems that have received the ol’spit’n polish. As usual, all and any feedback, comments and such are more than welcome. Cheers! 


This Dance
Came A Deer (previously Spoke The Deer)
Ivory Memory (previously Ivory God)

I Rose A Garden

I rose a garden

Made of sighs

Nurtured with

Your silence


Count the years

To know the seeds

Planted yesterday

Before we parted


A garden bloomed

From quiet desperation

Brittle and ephemeral

It lies still in my heart


Of sun-gripped lands

That you forgot 

Memories fade

Into a long sunset


There is no garden

That holds my fears

My nightmare came

To rest in you.