Memory Of A Tune

A valley of desire runs long and untended between trembling thighs.
Carry my wishes to them with the breath of a unrepentant kiss,
then, maybe, I shall swallow your little gasps; pizzicato notes on our merry old symphony.
Oh, how this smirk -is it yours or mine?- flickers our lovers’ delight.
I’ll be sure to whisper your name, so please, spare a thought for my lonesome;
one day I’ll be sure to remember it.

Poem Update!

Hello everyone!

Once again I bring a few updates to some of my poems after workshopping them with some very talented people from my writers’ club (including two title changes). Links provided below. Hope you enjoy them!


PS. As usual, any and all comments/critiques/feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged. 🙂

Fourteen Billion Hands (previously Our Current)

Skin (previously Match & Skin)


Keep Away

Ocean of my distance

And an edge to fall off

To oblivion’s embrace

You lie with open eyes

May your words wither

Your thoughts die

Curse the day you gave me

This straitjacket of anguish

That crushes my sun inside

Until it bleeds bright

The center of I

Cosmic fallacies

That part ways

To roads no one travels

Maybe I’ll find myself

Fitting company at the end

Away from you.