On a lonely, wet street

Nothing makes me happy anymore
The rain pours down like spilled coffee
Trying to drown me in no hurry
While every inch of my soul is cold and wet

Traffic lights blink starlight in and out of existence
Their engines sound like chariots going to war
on some ancient field under the cover of night

I keep walking hiding from their prying gaze
receiving the baptism of an angry sky
wondering if I could simply fade in the rain
like a memory lost that no one will miss

The rain screams at no one in particular
and I keep walking down the lonely, wet street.


To Myself Somewhere Up Ahead

Wish you were here my older self
to see the things that I’ve seen
when I was you before being me
walking down the cobbled streets
leaning on the creaking memories
listening to the noises of yesterday
that tell me someone used to live here
now only echoes grow here
their shadows embrace me
like old lovers that I once knew
their faces a blur and a kiss
I wish I could say their names
but my lips drips forgetfulness
it’s my curse and my sin
walking down these windy streets
trying to put together the way for me
so we don’t trip on that rock called regret
that still follows me wherever I trod
hounding my steps
I just wish you were here with me
to keep me some company
waiting for the sun to kiss the dawn sky
letting night off the hook
and all the stars blink out
I’ll just keep walking
Until I see you again.

What holds me

I have become me
That holds no reason
I have become you
That knows no treason
I have become them
That knows no prison

Where do the hours go
when I am absent
in your thoughts?

If only there was sense
when you and I collide
but physics conspired against us
and left nothing but debris

what fools we were in youth
now aged what bigger fools
having learned to take the same road
over and over again

maybe tomorrow will be different
like every other day
that’s the struggle
that’s my victory.