Brief Destiny

Obornusk walks in a straight line. Not looking back nor to the sides. He only sees the backside of another like him, also walking in a straight line. At the far distance there is a glow and an endless roaring. He continues to walk like all the rest. That is his purpose.
Mastraton watches from his dome at the worms below. They shuffle towards the slaughter in perfect complacency. How he detests them for their meek and insignificant nature. Still, they are necessary fuel for civilization’s motor. The drink on his hand is more sweet today than yesterday.
Vastrashla knows the truth. She will set them all free, and those above will crumble and fall. Power to those below. The spark begins now, and its fire will cleanse the world. A smile is how the revolution starts today.
A rogue comet impacts the planet at 0645, reducing the planet to cosmic dust. The Universe continues to expand.

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