Bathroom Break

The plains were impossibly flat as far as the eye could see. The only thing that dared elevate itself above the ground was the sea of brown grass that covered it. A clear azure-blue sky, a blinding sun and a lone, distant cloud in the shape of an umbrella were the only things to break the monotony of this place.

Humberto saw the grass gently sway back and forth to some unseen rhythm, but he felt no breeze, there was no wind. That didn’t really bother him. What really made him scratch the back of his head, as if that would somehow loosen up any forgotten memories, was trying to figure out how he had arrived to such a remote place.

His trip to the office washroom had somehow taken an odd turn, then simply pressed down on the accelerator and never looked back. He had a quarterly report to do today and deliver at five, but it would have to wait. Humberto didn’t really mind that much.

Of course, he took a selfie with the cellphone while doing a V-pose with his fingers. The umbrella cloud was perfectly framed in the background. Casual Fridays had gotten more surreal lately.

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