5 Micro Stories: Murder & Catastrophe

1. Vinzento weighted in his options: divorce or murder. Cassandra, always ahead of him, took a sip of her coffee as her husband began to have what appeared to be a coughing fit. The police would report his death by natural causes.

2. Lucia kissed Larisa’s nose.

“Don’t, I’m feeling icky!”, Larisa scrunched her face, annoyed.

“You always feel icky.”, Lucia smiled and played with a lock of her hair.

Larisa groaned and just kept pouring gasoline into the ditch. These bodies would not burn themselves.

3. Alphonse was a genius: with the help of Thomas, his best friend, he put on a bet on the bookies for five big ones against himself. He was taking a dive on the third on his Tuesday match against Louie “Big Lou” Wachowsky. Easy money, and the boss wouldn’t know. Alphonse would now be able to buy the ring and ask Cindy to marry him.

They fished out his bloated body two days later with a gunshot wound to the head. Coroner reported it as a suicide. Thomas and Cindy married in El Paso a few months later. An unnamed benefactor paid for the ceremony.

4. “Ixborg, I am sure the formula is wrong. You divided here when you should have multiplied.”

Ixborg raised an eyebrow at Axfal.

“My dear fellow, I believe it is I who won the Great Venusian Science award. Pardon me if I don’t take you to your word. Some of us do know how to do math.”

Axfal turned three shades of pink before going back to his mindlab station.

Years later, the Venus Division Incident is taught in all science majors on six different solar systems.

5. “What if I pull the rope?”

“I wouldn’t. Curiosity killed the cat.”

“Well, meow and fuck it.”

Unexpectedly, a worm hole appeared as soon as the rope was pulled and their universe was sucked inside.


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