“Pray with me, brother, so we don’t lose ourselves in this miasma of sin!”, voice quivering, Carlos was already on his knees, hands tightly clasped together, probably to try and hold on to his fleeting faith. I was touched by his eagerness, yet I could not raise my voice to ask a deaf god for reprieve from our misdeeds.

“No. We made our beds long ago, so it is only fitting that we finally rest.”, this would be our greatest moment, even if Carlos did not stand next to me. I alone would transcend Heaven.

Putting my all on my right leg I kicked the ebony double doors in. The cardinals and his Holiness all whipped around in surprise, they never had a chance.

“Gentlemen, my name is Victorio, and I will be your guide in Hell.”, I took the pin from the grenade I was holding. The explosives under my robe would do the rest.

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