We Are Not Men

Disappointment was written all over Sophia’s face, her right knee shook in a tempo of irritability. To say the night was going south was an understatement. Rome was falling. The table they sat on opposite ends suddenly felt twice as big, or else Virgil felt twice as small.

He took hold of a glass full of ice-cold water set aside for him. The icy touch gave him a slight jolt of sensation which he held on to for dear life. Gulping the water down, letting it wash the dryness in his throat away, somehow cleared up his mind a bit. Language was something he had momentarily lost mere moments ago, but now he was somehow rediscovering.

“As I said, I’m leaving. It’s over between us.”, courage somehow flowed back into his body, filling him with a reassuring warmth. He was on the right, he had to be.

Sophie’s demeanor had not changed at all save for an eyebrow raised in an almost quizzical interrogation to Virgil’s decision. “Well, you were always one to run away when things got to real.” Straight to the jugular, as always. She had always whipped him when these verbal spats appeared in their lives. Not that Virgil ever won any of then, he was after all the little Yes Man in her life.

Another shiver, another few gulps of water down. Virgil steadied himself and placed the glass down hard, but Sophie remained unperturbed. Little boy’s trying to play as a big man, her sudden sneer said.

She’s not getting the upperhand, not this time. “I’m not running away from anything. I’m calling it quits. We’re no good for each other.”, he paused and chewed on that last bit, as if deciding something.

“No…you’re no good for me. I’ve been under your heels since before you and I were an item. I’ve had my fill of your abuse, so I’m leaving, simple as that.”, Virgil’s gaze had slightly shifted to the side, not exactly meeting Sophie’s eyes head on. She always had a way of peeling away at him with her stare, making him feel exposed and defenseless.

Then Sophie suddenly burst out laughing, mocking without a doubt, but it was genuine. A surge of rage shook Virgil’s body, making him hold on to his chair for control. “Oh God, you are just too much, Virgil! Almost sounded like a man. I guess somewhere actually behave like one…certainly never in be-‘.
The slap came fast and hard enough to leave a red mark on Sophie’s skin. It stung, but she was smiling. She was smiling. That fucking bit-

“That’ll do for today, Virgil, dear.”, Sophie had pulled out a silver tube the size of a can of pop. Buttons dotted its surface. A particularly large blue button stood out from the rest, turning green when she pressed it.

Immediately Virgil resumed an erect sitting position, arms pressed firmly to his sides, his face now had a blank-expression with eyes open wide, unblinking.

Sophie traced her fingers over the red mark on his cheek, cherishing the pain. At least one of us feels anything, she sighed, before a smile formed on her lips. Standing up she walked next to the unmoving Virgil and kissed him on the cheek. “Go back to your storage unit. We will continue tomorrow.”

“Yes, mistress.”, Virgil stood up with a precision and rigidness that his body had not shown before Sophie pushed the button. Silently he turned around and marched out of the room, leaving Sophie alone. She was still smiling as she turned off the lights and left the room.


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