The Alpha Brood

I have always desired power ever since I was a larva from the Nihil quarters. I killed my Sector Alpha when I was 2.5 lifecycles after she wanted me to yield to her submission probe. For this transgression I was sent to the sensory-isolation chambers for 10 lifecycles. The first thing I did when the sunlight hit my shell was to devour the heads of the warrior breeds that opened the chamber door after my punishment term was done.

I escaped from the Imperial Hive and became an Undesirable meant for immediate termination if I was ever located. From the wasteland outside of the Hide it was easy to form my own brood with other renegades. My forces grew.

With my keen mind and formidable strength I shaped a noisy rabble into a fist that tore into the Hive and sunk its claws into the heart of the Royal Hatchery itself where the Supreme Mother lived. I personally eviscerated her with my razor pincers and we feasted on the flesh of her newly born.

Now our own queens shall populate the newly formed Hive Imperium and we will soon devour the stars themselves.

I have power.
I am power.
Fear the swarm.


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