Homework Or Hell

“Roll the dice, child.”, the Devil’s voice was soft, he smiled broadly. That smile never reached his eyes. The dice flew on an arc over my head and I closed my eyes tight, not wanting to see the result. Either it landed on a six or my soul was forfeit for eternity. The clicking sound of dice hitting the floor and bouncing briefly made my heart miss a few beats. Then a silence that seemed to go on for a while. My throat was too dry to even whimper. “Damn.”, I heard him whisper in anger. Very slowly I opened my eyes and stared down at where the dice landed. Six. “Luck favours the very bold or very stupid, mortal. You’re certainly not bold. Very well, you will get an A+ on Algebra this year. Do not summon me again or I will devour you whole where you stand.”, and with the snap of his long fingers he vanished. I was the luckiest boy on Earth. Sadly, I had to change since I had soiled myself at some point when the dice fell. Figures.


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