Echoes of the Night

Tell the stars to hold me a place
I’m just here breathing the night
Smoke billows from my eyes
Watching the everyday rise
An ageless tune is playing somewhere
In the distant past of a feeling I forgot
Humming it I ring up these ghosts of mine
I’ll share a smile with them
The past is now and the present absent
It won’t matter at the crack of dawn
As with the smoke and my ghosts
I too will be gone.


This Stone Reality

I do not have permission to cry
For the World cast me in stone
They told me each tear is a sin
That tears away at my masculinity
Yet under the hard edge and silence
Lies a wisp of softness gasping for air
Won’t you let it live? Won’t you let it love?
Or will I simply be made to stand aside
Watching the years drop one by one
Until we are nothing but regret and memory?
I just want to breathe.